Portrait Art – because its Your Personalized Sanitizer

Submit your favorite photo for a personalized floral bouquet and textured background template to be designed on your behalf.


We make personalizing your sanitizer favors for your big event fun and easy. You’ll start by perusing the unique artwork from our portfolio by highly recommended artists and digital designers. Head over to the Shop and fill your Cart (only set-up fee is due to begin the project). As you check out – submit the Questionnaire so we can get to know you better.

Personalized wedding favors have always been a popular choice for brides. It is the day you and your guests come together to celebrate the joining of two hearts. Celebrating the love we share with one another is beautiful milestone for every couple. Commemorate the event in style with our personalized sanitizer. If you are looking for a unique wedding favor idea. Look no further.

Unique wedding favors go a long way, especially when they’re this thoughtful. Made in the U.S with the highest quality ingredients, our pocket-sized hand sanitizers are soft on the skin, gentle on the nose and pleasing on the eyes. Containing the recommended 70% alcohol, our sanitizers are infused with emollients derived from coconut oil leaving the skin clean, smooth and smelling beautiful.

If you’re looking for personalized hand sanitizer labels that feature roses, hydrangeas, or eucalyptus have a look at our other portfolios.

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