Boutique Hand Sanitizer – Near Me

The smoothest and refreshingly scented hand sanitizer on the market is available for customization and purchase here!

Alcohol based hand sanitizers are every where and no where it seems these days. Our local stores are flooded with cheap knock offs that smell like dog food, cotton candy, or tequila. The worst is the sticky feeling that comes from cheap sanitizers making you yearn for a sink with a power you didn’t know existed. Semmelweis and Pasteur would be so proud of us.

Its been a year. Everyone is itching to get back out there again. Vaccines have started to roll out. Our grandparents are no longer at such a high risk. While we can’t make your decisions for you – we can offer another stop-gap measure that is not only safe but beautiful.

Come on over… Give our Portfolio a look. Fill out the Questionnaire. Let us help you give your guests a wedding favor / gift they will actually want to take home.

No offense small little plants everyone leaves behind… but our sanitizer is awesome.


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